We know, in fact, that if you betray your trust, we lose any chance of having you as a customer. Nothing is more important for us.
For this reason, we have set strict rules to guarantee 100%:

  • We do not sell or share your personal information with parties outside of our customers. In any case, at any price.
  • We protect the personal information with the best technology. The most important databases are physically isolated from the outside.
  • We use personal information only to carry out orders and to provide the best possible service. Nothing else.

You will find full details of our privacy policies. If you need further information, please Contact


PEDE 1978 collects information about its customers with three main instruments:

  • The registration form and other forms (eg. Questionnaires, opinions and comments on the products, etc.) That customers fill in a spontaneous and explicit. These data are in some cases required to follow orders, in others are optional and are used to help us offer a more personalized service.
  • The return data from email and direct communications that periodically sent out to registered customers.


Personal information we collect is used for two main purposes: to perform your purchase orders and propose products and services more in line with your needs, your interests and your expectations. Our personalized proposals are generated by statistical and mathematical calculations, which over time are increasingly sophisticated and made precise. In addition, the communications we make to individual customers may contain suggestions defined by our employees who deal with package offers and manage the catalog. Overall, the increase of information over time allows us to improve the level of service. As this takes place in full compliance with privacy and without risk to the customer, periodically visit PEDE 1978 and receive our email is a free and automatic help you make better shopping.

Personal data collected through the registration procedures for the services offered by PEDE 1978, data processor, will be stored on electronic databases.Your personal information will be used by PEDE 1978 in accordance with the privacy protection principles set forth in Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 and other applicable regulations. This information concerns the data personal user-submitted when applying for the registration and sending newsletters, as well as those derived from visits to and surfing on the portal.


PEDE 1978 does not share with third parties the personal data of customers, under any circumstances. Put more clearly, no one, outside of PEDE 1978 , may know the data, behavior, preferences and other personal information. PEDE 1978 can, in some cases, transmit outside analysis and aggregate data, but does not allow a third party to go back to each customer. For example, we may tell someone that we have 20% of clients living in Milan, but will never provide individual names or addresses. This our policy guarantees you 100% that the information about you will never spread by PEDE 1978 outside.


  • provide the services;
  • access to the private area of ​​the portal;
  • to provide information and / or send communications on services;
  • provide for all accounting and tax;
  • trace the authors of possible offenses only in case of specific requests and on behalf of the competent authorities.

Once the user has given consent:

  • to provide information and / or offers on products and services that PEDE 1978 and / or its affiliates and / or subsidiaries (trading partners) may be considered of interest to
  • the user, without this resulting in transfer of personal data to third parties;
  • verify the quality of services offered, also offering after-sales services;
  • sending notices and advertising information about products and initiatives and third party;
  • satisfy market surveys and statistics, marketing and product preferences.


Every customer can view and edit their personal data entered in My Account and follow the onscreen instructions. E 'can also request the complete deletion of the account, but this prevents then place orders without a new recording. The data collected from the logs and by email, however, are not directly accessible to customers. They can not be deleted on demand for technical and safety: PEDE 1978 must provide to the competent authorities on request the traces left by users. The customer can instead request not to have specific proposals, by setting preferences in My Account in the "Management Newsletter". E 'can also request the complete deletion write us. Please note that the cancellation prohibits making new orders unless a new registration